For the first time ever, North American competitors were allowed into the Dance Dance Revolution world championship competition this weekend. And as soon as that happened, of course, an American took home top honors.

Chris Chike, known in the rhythm gaming world as iamchris4life, is a long-time rhythm gamer with a number of accolades to his name. He holds the world record for the highest score on Dragon Force’s “Through the Fire and the Flames” and was the first gamer to earn 100 percent on a Level 17 Dance Dance Revolution song. The New York Times profiled him back in 2008, at the height of the plastic guitar craze. In rhythm gaming, Chike is a big deal.

So for him to take home the first Dance Dance Revolution trophy available to westerners seems only appropriate. Of the three competitions in the grand final, he finished first in two and third in one.

Rhythm and Skill

Rhythm games may have passed their time here in the states, but Konami still holds its Konami Arcade Championships every year since 2011, where people compete to take home the top prize in a bunch of Konami’s arcade games. While they might be done with the likes of Metal Gear and Silent Hill, those arcade games – and the arcades they sit in – are still big business for the company.

And for the hardcore fans, those games still hold a lot of attention, with games like Dance Dance Revolution accompanied by games like beatmania IIDX, GuitarFreaks, pop’n music, and REFLEC BEAT that aren’t known in the mainstream but have steady, devoted audiences in their own right.

DDR might not pull in eyeballs the way League of Legends does, but it’s cool to see an American gamer coming out on top all the same.