You’d think that when the creator of Super Smash Bros. wants to buy an amiibo, he’d have at least some measure of success. That’s not the case, as this both hilarious and depressing tweet comes in from Smash maker Masahiro Sakurai.

The Japanese developer fired off a tweet in, well, Japanese. Here’s the source.

Sakurai’s update basically says that he went out to find Sheik, Meta Knight, Lucario and Rosalina during his lunch break, but all of them were sold out. That “うーん” at the end is kind of like a “hmm” or an “ugh.”

Nintendo’s been a bit weird about this whole amiibo thing. It wants to keep stock low to increase demand, sure, but it’s gone on the record to say that it will discontinue all sorts of amiibo. The fact that Masahiro Sakurai can’t even get his hands on four of his desired characters is sort of amazing.

I don’t know, I find this whole thing to be rather funny. Then again, I pre-ordered Toon Link months ago. Who is the bigger nerd? Probably me.