Tesla is fighting back against the doubters—internally at least. The EV maker urged factory workers to prove the “haters” wrong by setting a new Model 3 production goal, according to Bloomberg.

The company reportedly sent out a pair of internal memos that outlined some steps to improve production for its much maligned affordable EV, the Model 3. Engineering chief Doug Field told staff if production can top 300 units per day, it would be an “incredible story.”

It would be a great clap back at the so-called “haters.” Ever since the Model 3 went into production, it has been dogged by production delays. Each subsequent manufacturing goal has been missed, leading to a wave of negativity. Tesla shares have dropped 15.3-percent over the past two days. The shares have slightly rebounded since, but production questions still linger.

“I find it personally insulting, and you should too,” retorted Fields in one of the memos. “Let’s make them regret ever betting against us. You will prove a bunch of haters wrong.”

According to Field’s memo, just over 200 Model 3s are being produced every day. If Tesla does manage to ramp up production to 300 Model 3s per day, that would still fall short of the 2,500 goal it set earlier in the year. It also makes the eventual 5,000 production goal per week seem that much farther away.

Tesla has already taken some steps to ease the production woes. Back in February, the automaker shut down production for five days in an attempt to alleviate the bottleneck issues. It’s unclear if the shutdown helped.