Look around you. Can you see them? Those people around you are gamers. At least, two out of three of them are, according to a report from Nielsen, the group known primarily for its TV ratings. 64 percent of the United States population, aged 13 and older, are gamers, Nielsen says. That’s up from 58 percent in 2012.

Nielsen attributes this to growing choices in both software and hardware, according to GamesBeat. Popular titles like Pokémon Go and Overwatch are called out specifically, along with updated consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro offering both a newer option as well as making the older one less expensive.

Mobile is leveling off, and consoles are still popular

Nielsen says gaming on mobile devices like phones and tablets is beginning to slow down. The firm says that 63 percent of console gamers also played mobile games in 2017, which is down from 66 percent last year.

While PC gaming has seen staggering growth worldwide, American gamers still prefer consoles. 47 percent of gamers prefer consoles, while 27 percent prefer PC gaming, Nielsen says. Of those surveyed, 46 percent are playing on just one device, while those with multiple gaming devices make up just 38 percent.

Depending on who you ask, consoles, PC, and mobile are all on their way out, but it seems more people are gaming than ever and, at least in America, they’re doing it on consoles more than anywhere else. No matter how you slice it, though, gaming isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.