American Airlines is officially rolling out a new in-flight entertainment option for passengers on its Gogo-equipt flights. Called "Entertainment on Demand" the service will work similar to other online video rental options, allowing users to purchase movie and TV show rentals to watch on their laptops (with support for tablets and other devices expected to come in the coming months).

One upswing to Entertainment on Demand; however, is that you wont have to pay for Gogo internet in order to use the service. So, if you forgot to download Cars before you got on the plane, you can pay $3.99 to watch the flick while you're on board. Television episodes run a little cheaper, at only $.99 a pop.

Currently the library of shows American is offering is pretty light- with only 100 movies and TV shows available. Movies you purchase will be available for you to view for 24 hours, and TV shows for 72 hours; so if you don't finish something while you're in the air, you can catch the rest of it once you land.

Southwest current offers a similar service through iTunes.

I know I often find myself seated next to people on planes who I'd rather tune out (such as the talkative gentleman with the small dog I sat next to on my way back from CES). I welcome the opportunity to pull out my iPad and buy a last minute movie when I'm in a similar situation.

What about you? Do you see yourself renting movies and TV shows while you fly?