I guess the message here is to not get on a plane.

To complement the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC premiered the first episode of a new zombie apocalypse miniseries that takes place entirely on a plane. I mean, it sounds completely absurd, but after watching the first episode I can see how the confines of a plane makes for an excellent walking dead setting.

People on planes are already on edge, and because they have very limited control over the situation, getting them to cooperate is pretty much impossible, especially in times of crisis. We don’t really know the dangers lurking on this flight (yet), though people are obviously not very friendly, which means it’s not going to be a pleasant experience.

It all seems a little ridiculous and oddly separate from AMC’s main course, which is Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, but it’ll be fun to see how it plays out. This is just the beginning of a 16-episode miniseries that’ll chart Flight 462 as the outbreak is happening. If you hate flying now, just imagine what it’ll be like as chaos is breaking loose on the ground. And maybe even in the plane, too?

The character who survives the flight will join up with the cast of Fear the Walking Dead, which just wrapped up its first season. Have any bets as to who will survive? Maybe it’s the girl who angrily pulls down the window shade. Or the teenager who is still rocking a Sidekick (RIP).

These episodes will be short—about a minute—and will continue to air in the coming weeks.