If you're thinking about cutting your cable, Sling TV is making it a lot harder now to not pick it up as an alternative.

Sling TV announced today that it is adding the entire AMC, IFC and Epix packages to its growing service. AMC and IFC will both be part of the core $20 package, adding even more value to that option. And while it isn't here yet, it will be receiving Video-On-Demand options soon. Here's the full rundown of that addition.

AMC and IFC:

  • "Best of Live TV" core package still priced at just $20 per month
  • Customers now have access to shows like IFC's Portlandia and AMC's The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and soon, Mad Men, premiering April 5
  • Video-On-Demand content for AMC and IFC coming soon

As for the Epix portion of the announcement, five channels will be coming to a $5 a month package. While Sling TV doesn't have a DVR function yet, the Epix channels will allow you to replay anything aired within the last seven days and will also be adding Video-On-Demand soon.

"Hollywood Extra" add-on pack:

  • Now available to Sing TV customers for an additional $5 per month
  • Includes access to content on EPIX, EPIX2, EPIX3, EPIX Drive-In, and Sundance TV
  • Replay feature allows customers to watch content that has aired up to seven days prior without a DVR
  • Video-On-Demand content for EPIX channels and Sundance TV coming soon

Sling TV is making some big headway in the cable alternative field, and with the addition of popular networks such as AMC and IFC, that $20 core package is getting more enticing by the minute.

All of these channels are live today, so if you're already using Sling TV be sure to check them out. If you aren't a subscriber yet, it's certainly getting tempting to try out this no contract alternative.