Amazon already has its Fresh home delivery grocery service, which is still only available in select markets across the U.S. But the online giant is opening up a more accessible service, dubbed Pantry, that gives Prime customers the ability to order as many household items, canned foods and other pantry-type snacks as can fit in a four-cubic-foot box up to 45 pounds. That's enough to stock a family for a week or more, if you're willing to pay the flat shipping rate of $5.99; the shipping is $5.99 whether your box is stuffed or barely filled with items, so might as well stock up.

As you add Pantry items to your shopping cart, Amazon will tell customers what percentage of their box is filled. The new initiative is seemingly a way for Amazon to ship out items in a larger order that might have previously been cost prohibitive to ship all by itself. From a customer perspective, it eliminates trips to the store, and ensures that busy families always have a pantry stocked full of cereal, chips, and whatever else. You can also order things like laundry detergent, paper towels, and other common household items, too.

So long as your box stays under 45 pounds and can be packed into a four-cubic-foot box, you can order as many Oreos and cans of food as can fit. Amazon has been making a huge push for the home this year, starting with its Fresh service and most recently with Dash, which makes it dead simple to order groceries. As a Prime exclusive, Pantry is just another perk for Amazon customers, even if it does come with that $5.99 flat shipping rate. But, hey, if Pantry isn't your cup of tea, Prime members at least have HBO shows to look forward to.