Amazon already offers some impressively cheap tablets with its Fire HD series, but the company could go even further this holiday season. A new report claims the retail giant will offer a new 6-inch slate for just $50. That’s half the price of the current Fire HD 6 (pictured above).

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has struggled to win customers over with its high-end tablets. In response the company is planning an entire new lineup of cheaper models, including 8 and 10-inch models as well as the smaller 6-inch device. Undercutting the competition with a new $50 option could boost sales, but it may come with some drawbacks.

The upcoming tablet will apparently offer a single mono speaker instead of the standard stereo setup. It might also pack an outdated display, a weaker battery and a less durable design in an effort to cut costs. Development on the new Fire HD device was outsourced to a couple of Asian firms, which reportedly bothered some employees at Amazon’s secretive Lab126 hardware division.

We’re still curious to see these new tablets in action. If Amazon can turn the Fire HD into a disposable device it might have a hit on its hands. We could even see picking one up at the airport, using it on the plane and then ditching it in a recycling bin soon afterwards. For $50 that almost seems like a reasonable idea.