If glass breaks, or a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, Amazon's Echo speakers will hear it and alert users. According to Amazon, these new features are part of Alexa Guard, which are designed to protect a person's home when they're away.

Thanks to an Echo's ability to always listen, Amazon is utilizing them to monitor a person's home for potential break-ins and hazards. Once you manually enable the feature—you have to tell Alexa you're leaving the house—Amazon's technology will start listening for suspicious activity.

Amazon new home monitoring feature can also randomize the smart bulbs in your home to make it appear as tough someone is moving around—something Kevin McCallister could have used in Home Alone. The company will utilize machine learning to light a person's home, so it seems more natural and not as though lights are randomly turning on and off.

As you'd expect, Guard will play nice with Amazon's array of security devices, such as Ring. So, when you tell Guard to turn on, Alexa will tell your Ring devices that you're leaving the house.

Amazon only briefly talked about Guard, so expect more information in the coming days.