Can Amazon make tech support cool? Apple revolutionized in-store service with the Genius Bar, but the new line of Kindle HDX tablets go a step further, offering instant access to tech support via a video conference window that launches right on the device. The new service, Mayday, offers 24-hour customer service at the tap of a button.

Company founder Jeff Bezos wrote in a statement, "With the Mayday button, our goal is to revolutionize tech support." There are a number of ways the new service hopes to accomplish just that, but it starts with instant access, free for Kindle HDX owners, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, with a promise that you'll be talking to a real person within 15 seconds from the moment you press the Mayday button.

Once Mayday launches, an Amazon representative will have access to your tablet, and can even draw on your screen to help direct you around the device. Representatives will try to guide users through the necessary steps, but can also take over the device temporarily if the user asks them to. You can get help with everything from Kindle settings to suggesting popular new apps.

Mayday will likely be a welcome update for Kindle owners. Amazon's Fire OS, a heavily modified version of Android, is popular but often confusing for new users. The service will also be a big draw for new customers, and the company plans to promote its new line of tablet with a series of upcoming TV commercials.

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