Amazon has reportedly acquired Shoefitr, a Pittsburgh startup that uses in-house 3D technology to improve the online shoe-shopping experience. TechCrunch and the Pittsburgh Business Times both broke the news this week, though neither company involved has confirmed the deal yet.

Shoefitr, which already works with a handful of retailers including Nordstrom, New Balance and Cole Haan, uses a few different methods to provide customers with the best possible shoe size. Type in your current shoe model and size, and you’ll get a list of the correct size for a long list of different brands. Shoefitr also considers a ton of factors ranging from sole thickness to weight in order to help you find the perfect pair of shoes.

The Shoefitr team is expected to move to Amazon HQ in Seattle, but it’s unclear exactly how its service will be incorporated. We may see it pop-up on Amazon’s site when you shop for shoes or over on Zappos. It’s also possible the same 3D technology could be used to help sell other clothing online, though it could take a while to develop that type of feature.