Amazon released a new app this week and it serves a very specific purpose. Surprise! is a quick and simple way to send Amazon Gift Cards to your friends and family, though to be fair that’s not the only thing it can do.

Surprise! will let you send quick e-cards that can include photos, video, recorded audio and personal messages along with a gift card. Amazon lets you tweak the design a bit and offers different styles depending on the occasion, but for the most part your cards will all look pretty generic. You can also digitally wrap your card so a short animation plays when it’s opened.

One nice feature is the app’s Occasion Timeline, which syncs with your phone’s calendar, contacts info and Facebook account to create a list of upcoming birthdays, holidays and other events. At the end of the day though, it’s all about quickly sending off an Amazon Gift Card. It would be nice if you could also attach a purchased item to the e-card, but for now that’s not an option.