Kindle Fire sales are on fire, with the tablet quickly gaining on its biggest competition – the iPad. iSuppli reported this morning that the Fire is "already shaking up the market" during its first two weeks on virtual shelves, and the research firm expects Amazon will ship a whopping 3.9 million of the tablets this quarter, putting it in second place behind the iPad.

In contrast, Apple has sold 18.6 million iPads this quarter. Samsung's Galaxy line of tablets come in third in iSuppli's study with 1.4 million, followed by Barnes & Noble's Nook in fourth at 1.32 million.

The Kindle Fire certainly isn't on the same playing field as the iPad as far as raw specs are concerned, but for many people who want a tablet to do things like surf the web and watch movies the Kindle Fire is perfect – and less than half the price. Amazon is reportedly taking a small loss with the sale of each Kindle Fire, with the hope that customers will purchase items like books, movies, or Amazon Prime for the tablet to compensate for the difference.

What do you think? Amazon is certainly making a strong showing for only having the Fire on sale for two months. Do you think Amazon's success will continue? Will Fire sales eventually dethrone the iPad for #1?

[via Barrons]

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