kindle-fire-hd-both-modelsAmazon’s brand new 4G 8.9-inch Fire HD is still simmering from Thursday’s unveil, yet it’s already snagged up in an approval maze. It seems the tab has yet to receive sale clearance from the FCC — probably why the device wasn’t ready for press hands-on at the event. The FCC is definitely one organization you want to confer with before selling a flagship item, particularly when you hype consumers up with an announcement.

To be fair, Amazon likely planned for the hiccup, which is probably why a late November ship date was attached to the LTE variant. In fact, the online retailer actually sent out disclaimers to those who pre-ordered: “We will send you an email asking you to confirm your pre-order of Kindle Fire when it is approved for sale by the Federal Communications Commission.” So, uh, look out for a follow up email so you can confirm your purchase.

It’s kind of silly; you cannot technically buy the thing you’re buying, at least at the moment. An Amazon spokesperson told Reuters the company expects to get FCC approval before Nov. 20, which is when the tablets are expected to ship.

[via Reuters]