Amazon’s Prime membership service now has something specifically for gamers. The company is offering a sort of hidden discount on a select batch of video games exclusively to Prime members.

The whole thing is sort of weird in how it’s presented, but it does provide some pretty solid savings for select titles.

Basically, the only indication of the discount for specific games is a text box on the store page for each title that looks like this:

Amazon Prime Discount

That’s it. You won’t see the discount until you get to the end of the checkout process (right before actually spending money). That’s when you’ll find the money off. Splatoon, for instance, drops by $6.97 at checkout.

Destructoid did a full list of the current titles on discount. They include pre-orders as well. The list doesn’t include every game, so you might want to shop around once you’re in if you have other titles on your radar.

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