Amazon’s Fire TV has always put an emphasis on gaming, but now the company is taking it a step further. The new Fire TV Gaming Edition offers all the new features included with the upgraded set top box along with a few extra perks.

For $139 (that’s $30 more than the standard Fire TV) the Gaming Edition gets you a redesigned game controller instead of the usual remote. Amazon updated the controller’s design so it’s more ergonomic. It also added a microphone for controlling Alexa, along with a built-in headphone jack. On top of that, you also get free copies of Shovel Knight and Disney Ducktails, plus a 32GB microSD card.

The new Fire TV runs Amazon’s latest Fire OS 5, which includes 4K video support along with the company’s smart digital assistant Alexa. That means you can talk to your TV in plain English and ask for an update on the weather, sports scores or to play music by a specific artist.

The Fire TV Gaming Edition is available to pre-order now, though it won’t actually ship until October 5.