We’ll look bleakly up into the heavens and say to our kids, “That there is an Amazon drone, dooming all of humanity.” That’s the future in store for us, and it could happen as soon as this year.

A senior official from the Federal Aviation Administration told a congressional committee on Wednesday that UAVs will be able to operate in public airspace “within a year.” That means companies like Amazon hoping to deliver your wares without someone physically handing you the product is nigh. And you have to wonder if something like that rules out the possibility of Amazon’s Uber for delivery idea.

Amazon said it plans on delivering packages to its customers as soon as the regulations for commercial UAVs are approved. If you weren’t already annoyed by the sight of your neighbor flying a drone high above your house, Amazon’s delivery service will surely drive you that much more insane.

Earlier this year, the FAA proposed regulations that would require drone operators to only fly during daylight hours, and would prohibit them from going above 500 feet. And, probably the key detail, drones need to be within the pilot’s line of sight. If that’s the case, why not just place the package in your hand, move your feet, and hand the package to the person expecting the delivery?