The Amazon Dash button, which is actually a real product and not an April Fool's joke, allows you to tap a connected button anywhere in your house and automatically refill things you need. Maybe it's Tide laundry detergent, or new paper towels. It's a unique idea, and it's powered by what Amazon calls the Dash Replenishment Service, or DRS for short.

On Thursday, Amazon announced 11 new DRS partners including General Electric, Samsung, August, Gmate, Oster, Obe, Petnet, Clever Pet, Sutro, Thync and Sealed Air.

DRS is the smart technology behind Dash that allows devices to understand when a household good is running low. The new partners can build this technology into products so that customers can use the tech to automatically reorder from Amazon. There's no need for the Dash button.

"For example, Obe's Pro Bowl weighs the amount of food consumed by a pet and subtracts that amount from the in-home inventory balance," Amazon explained. "When supply runs low, Obe's Pro Bowl uses the Dash Replenishment Service to automatically place the order for the pre-selected pet food on behalf of the customer."

Other similar products include a connected smart pool monitor from Sutro, connected laser printers from Samsung, and connected soap dispensers from Sealed Air.

It's some pretty wild tech, and Amazon said device makers can add the functionality easily with as few as 10 lines of code. Existing partners already include Brother, Whirlpool and Brita.