When the latest Kindle Paperwhite was released earlier this year, it wasn’t just praised for its longer-lasting battery and high resolution screen; many people found the device’s newly released font, Bookerly, made for a more pleasant reading experience—and it’s now available to all Kindle devices.

Bookerly was designed specifically for Amazon’s lineup of excellent e-readers, offering improvements on justification, image positioning, consistent paragraph breaks, easier-to-use footnotes and “kerning,” which is the spacing between letter pairs. The font had previously only been available to the newest Paperwhite, along with Amazon’s iOS and Android apps.

By all accounts, Bookerly is a huge improvement over Amazon’s previous font “Caecilia,” so you should update at your earliest convenience. It sounds like Bookerly is going out in waves, which means it might not be available on your device right this second. But if it is, get ready for an even better reading experience.