Alexa has been slowly venturing away from the Echo, and a new update is bringing Amazon’s personal assistant to yet another gadget in the company’s arsenal. After cozying up with Amazon’s new Fire TV, the company revealed Alexa will be available on its original Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in the next few weeks. That’s great, because I was looking for more ways to order pizza.

Alexa on the Fire TV isn’t quite as capable as she is on the Echo, though she can still provide info for weather, traffic, sports scores and more. If you already own an Echo, having Alexa on your TV is probably no big deal. But for anyone wondering what all the fuss is about, her arrival on the original Fire TV will be a nice introduction.

In an email to TechnoBuffalo, Amazon said the software update will also bring new features to the Fire TV Stick, including the ability to use Bluetooth headphones. Not a bad addition if you’re in a dorm and don’t want to wake your roommate.