Slices of Domino's cheese and tomato pizza

As if ordering a pizza with nothing but emoji wasn't easy enough, now you don't even need to lift a finger. As part of a PR stunt for Super Bowl weekend, Domino's' Easy Order functionality can be switched on inside of Amazon's Alexa app, making it easy for Echo owners to shout out their favorite order without interacting with a single human.

In order to turn this new feature on, you'll have to dig through the Alexa app, and link your "Domino's Pizza Profile." Do that, and you'll be able to seamlessly get a fresh 'za right to your doorstep; chowing down has never been so ridiculous and easy. Is this the future our founding fathers envisioned? We're all doing our country proud.

Once an order is placed, Alexa can even track where the order is.

Amazon doesn't say whether or not Alexa will gain more food-ordering abilities in the future, but this stunt could certainly pave the way for more integration. Imagine telling Alexa what you want from your favorite Chinese restaurant and having it appear within minutes. It's a grim future, but inevitable in the name of technological progress.

As part of the announcement, Domino's offered up this terrifying fact:

  • During last year's game, Domino's delivered enough pizzas to stretch across more than 4,200 football fields.

Let that sink in before you instruct Alexa to order your favorite pie.