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AmazonFresh, the service that delivers groceries to your door the same day, is now available in London. Over 130,000 fresh and frozen items are available to order, and the service is available to anyone with Amazon Prime.

Well, that's not strictly true. Not only do you need Prime, but you also need to live within one of 69 postcodes throughout central and east London. That's the only area AmazonFresh is currently serving in the U.K., but of course, it will expand.

AmazonFresh costs £6.99 (approx. $10.10) a month or £84 (approx. $121.85) per year in the U.K., which is a lot less than the $299 per year paid by customers in the U.S., where AmazonFresh made its debut in 2007.

Amazon will have tough competition in the U.K., with most of the major supermarkets offering home deliveries. However, the retail giant's big selling point is that it can deliver your groceries to your door within just one hour.

Perhaps it's actually the existing supermarkets that should be worried, then. But one of them — Morrisons — has reached a deal with Amazon to supply inexpensive white-label products. Most of Amazon's goods, however, will be branded items.

Amazon actually began testing one-hour deliveries of some fresh and frozen foods in Birmingham back in September through its Prime Now program. The company also offers Amazon Pantry, which provides next-day delivery on household goods.