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According to recent reports, Amazon is looking to get serious about original programming by launching a series based on Zombieland.

Ever since the film Zombieland had a decent turn at the box office back in 2009 there has been talk of either a second movie or a TV series. What few people know is that it was originally envisioned as a TV series, but then the movie opportunity arose and they went after it.

Now it appears Amazon has acquired the rights in hope of launching a series of 30-minute episodes on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Casting pages have already been sent out, so it appears that the series is under serious development, but no word as of yet as to when it might debut.

Amazon still insists that its streaming video service is nothing more than a bonus to Prime subscribers, but when you start developing original programming in the same manner Hulu and Netflix have, you have to wonder if that is indeed still the case. Launching a series isn't cheap no matter the platform it will be broadcast on. While there is always a chance Amazon will sell the broadcast rights in other countries to recoup some of that investment, in the U.S. it wil be streaming only, and that says to me that Amazon is about to get a whole lot more serious about this "bonus."