The fight over business-focused cloud storage is still heating up, and today Amazon is throwing its hat into the ring with a competing service of its own. Amazon Zocalo offers secure and fully managed enterprise storage at cut-rate prices, though for now it’s still in preview mode.

Zocalo promises to offer all the standard features you’d expect from a cloud storage service. It works across desktop computers, Android tablets, iPads and the Kindle Fire lineup, though there’s no mention of whether it’s available on your smartphone. It offers simple sharing with co-workers and support for feedback by letting you highlight documents and leave comments. There’s also a central hub for all your documents and notifications whenever someone leaves you feedback.

Amazon’s offering some pretty aggressive pricing for Zocalo in a bid to draw customers away from Dropbox and Box, as well as competing services from Google, Apple and Microsoft. For just $5 per user per month your business gets 200GB of storage for each employee. Amazon’s also including a 30-day trial for up to 50 accounts, and the service will be completely free for anyone already using Amazon WorkSpaces.

For any business already built on top of Amazon’s web services this could be an easy solution for your cloud storage issues. If you’re already using another service it may not be worth making the switch, though Zocalo’s free trial may be enough to tempt some companies to at least check it out.