amazon instant video  feat

Amazon's Video app for Android just got a whole lot better. Users who download shows and movies for catching up offline can now save them to a microSD card so that they don't longer take up precious local storage space.

One of the best things about Amazon Video (and one of the things that gives it an advantage over Netflix for now) is the ability to save shows and movies for watching offline. It's great if you travel a lot and need access to content without a data connection.

But until now, that content could only be stored locally, which is a problem if you have a device with only 8GB or 16GB of local storage. Thanks to Amazon Video's latest update, you can finally save it to a microSD card, which lets you carry a whole lot more.

So, if you want to download a whole season of The Americans, Bosch, or Transparent, now you can. Just get a big microSD card, slap it inside your phone or tablet, and get downloading!

Support for SD card saving is available today in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Austria, and Japan. Just download the latest Amazon Video update to get started.