During its unveiling of its next-gen Echo home speaker, Amazon also announced the Echo Spot and Echo Buttons.

The Echo Spot falls in line with the Echo Show: It is a Echo device with a display. This time around though, it is a 2.5-inch circular touch display. It’s pretty much an Echo Dot and Echo Show combined in one small package.

Amazon said it will work as an alarm clock, but can do more things like the Show including video calls and relay information such as weather. Included is built-in sound, but it also has a line out to connect with external speakers through a cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

The Echo Spot will be sold for $130. That’s much cheaper than the $230 Echo Show, but you do sacrifice some functionality like the ability to watch movies. It will be available for pre-order today in two colors, black and white, with a release date in December.

Moving on to Echo Buttons, they are little hockey-puck size buttons with a glowing top that are meant for physical interaction with an Echo device.

They’ll be perfect when playing family games with the Echo. During the event, Amazon showed off their functionality by playing a trivia game. The Echo Buttons will work in conjunction with Echo devices through a new “Gadget API” Amazon is releasing. Game makers can use the API to incorporate the function into their games that work with Echo devices.

Amazon will sale the Echo Buttons for $20 for a pack of two. It will be available in time for holiday season.

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