Amazon on Thursday officially unveiled a new Kindle, and it’s just like the one we saw in yesterday’s commercial. Called the Kindle Paperwhite, the device is aimed at overtaking Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, which is currently the premier eReader on the market. Was. The Paperwhite looks like it’ll retake its crown as the best ereader available.

It’s tiny, from the looks of it, easily fitting in one hand, which is majorly convenient for easy reading. Amazon, by the way, showed of a graph that highlighted just how incredibly popular ebooks are over physical, old, mangy books you’d get at the library. It’s stunning. And people still read, which is great!

The device itself is thin — thinner than a magazine and lighter than a paperback. But even in such a thin frame, the Kindle Paperwhite packs a beautiful, wonderful screen that is 25 percent brighter than what it offered previously, meaning you can easily read out in bright daylight. (Do technophiles go in the sun?) Whites are whiter, blacks are deeper, and that’s thanks to not only the Paperwhite tech (the “first-ever”), but because the screen is now sharper — 212 ppi with 62 percent more pixels.


The Kindle Paperwhite will get 8 weeks of battery, and of course access to Amazon’s infinitely expanding library of books — over 180,000 exclusively through the Seattle company. It’s priced at only $119, and it’ll ship on Oct. 1; you can order one today. There’s also an option for a 3G version, which runs at $179.