Following Amazons’ decision to open a unique “Amazon Go” grocery store experience in Seattle, which allows shoppers to walk in and out without ever stepping into a checkout line, news quickly swirled about larger intentions. The Wall Street Journal, for example, said Amazon planned to open as many as 2,000 stores in the coming years.

Not so fast.

Chances are you won’t see an Amazon Store in your local strip mall, at least not according to recent clarifying statements made by the company to CNET. “It’s absolutely not correct,” Amazon said.”We have no plans to open 2,000 of anything. Not even close. We are still learning.”

Amazon Stores don’t really make sense, anyway

I was actually just chatting about The Wall Street Journal article with a friend. He was curious what I thought about the company’s potential plans to open up retail stores. I suggested it didn’t quite make sense, since Amazon has done so well by taking business from brick and mortar businesses. Why open up such a shop? Perhaps the grocery store might make sense, though it’s clear now Amazon doesn’t have sprawling intentions. And a retail shop for picking up items ordered on Amazon would be compelling, though the company doesn’t actually need to open retail shops for that to work.

In any case, sounds like that rumor was quickly debunked.