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Amazon can already ship a package to your door in just a few days or even a few hours. Now the company is preparing to test a new service that could make your life even easier by delivering orders straight to the trunk of your car.

The new service launches in Germany next month, though it’s extremely limited in scope. You need to live in Munich and drive an Audi to take advantage of the offer. If you meet the qualifications, Amazon will be able to locate your car and open the trunk to drop off your package. Audi adds that in the future you’ll even be able to leave letters and packages in your car for someone to pick up.

It may sound a little creepy, but Amazon is taking steps to protect customer privacy. It should only be able to track your car for the brief amount of time needed to make the delivery. The trunk will be opened using some sort of special single use digital access code.

It’s unclear when the new service could expand beyond Munich, though Amazon hopes to offer trunk deliveries to all Prime subscribers eventually. That would likely mean partnering with different carmakers, and finding a solution for any vehicles that still use a manual lock.

Still, it does sound pretty convenient to have your packages just show up in the trunk of your car like magic, and we’ll be sure to sign up if Amazon’s new service ever does make it to the U.S.


Audi, DHL and Amazon deliver convenience

· Development partnership for innovative logistics service “Audi connect easy delivery”
· Parcel deliveries to the trunk using keyless access technologies · Pilot project to start in May

Ingolstadt, April 22, 2015 – “Our final attempt failed, your package can be picked up at our service center.” With Audi connect easy delivery, a future service from Audi connect, this message will be a thing of the past – making shopping online even more convenient. Audi is working together with its partners DHL Parcel and Amazon Prime to develop an innovative logistics service: shipping parcels directly to your car’s trunk. A pilot project starting in May will allow participants to use the service for the first time. Audi connect easy delivery will operate through temporary authorization for keyless access to the car’s luggage compartment.

“With comprehensive connectivity, we are transforming the car into a service device and integrating it even more closely into the everyday lives of our customers,” says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at AUDI AG. “Audi connect easy delivery helps save time and offers more convenience and flexibility – advantages that are increasingly important for the target group of a premium brand.”

In the future, the new service is to provide customers with the option of entering their Audi as the shipping address for online orders. DHL Parcel is providing the dispatching service in the pilot project. Development partner Amazon is the first online retailer to offer customers delivery directly to their car’s trunk.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development at AUDI AG, emphasizes the high security standards of the development project. “As with all of our connect services, the security of the car and of customer data has top priority for Audi. For us, Vorsprung durch Technik also means Audi customers should be able to use these kinds of innovative services with peace of mind and therefore enjoy true added value.”

If the Audi owner agrees to the tracking of their automobile for the specific delivery time frame, the DHL driver handling the parcel receives a digital access code for the trunk of the customer’s vehicle. It can be used one time only for a specific period of time and expires as soon as the luggage compartment has been closed again. Similarly, Audi connect easy delivery customers will also be able to send letters and parcels from their own car in the future.

With this logistics service, customers will enjoy even more flexibility in controlling the delivery of their orders. In addition to this extra convenience, the service promotes efficiency as it avoids unsuccessful attempts to encounter customers at the specified address and therefore reduces the amount of traffic on the roads.

AUDI AG will test Audi connect easy delivery together with DHL Parcel and Amazon under real conditions in a pilot project which is to start in May in Munich, Germany.