Amazon on Thursday announced the Treasure Truck, a new way for people in Seattle to shop for goods and pick them up on the same day. It even offers unique limited time offers on products that can only be picked up at the Treasure Truck.

First, users in Seattle need to open up the Amazon Mobile app and see what’s available from the truck. You can place an order directly from the app and then choose one of a few preset locations to meet the truck. Amazon said it will typically offer highly desirable goods, limited quantity food and more.

Each day, the Treasure Truck will also offer a unique item at a huge discount; today it’s a $99 stand-up paddleboard that typically retails for $476.99. New items coming up in the next few days include a beach cruiser, two porterhouse steaks and a limited edition Glassybaby.

Amazon didn’t discuss any plans to take the Treasure Truck out of the Seattle area but maybe its popularity will change that.