Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2014-19

Amazon is poised to finally reveal the PC games they've been buying up studios in order to make. The marketplace snapped up Double Helix not too long ago, and that's part of this, we assume.

The word comes from an invite posted on NeoGAF. That invite, we assume, went around to some gaming industry members who were already slated to attend next month's TwitchCon. Here's how the invite reads.

SAVE THE DATE: September 29th at 6:00 PM

Join Amazon and Twitch on the eve of TwitchCon 2016 for the Amazon Game Studios Unboxing Event & Afterparty. Learn about some of the PC games Amazon's been working on, and enjoy an afterparty with drinks and entertainment.

There you have it. I imagine the Unboxing Event will be streamed, as Amazon owns Twitch. Once that's formally announced, we'll have the news for you. Stay tuned.