Kindle Fire

By offering up its Kindle Fire tablet at a measly $199, Amazon loses nearly $3 on every single unit it sells. However, the retail giant is looking to claw some of that money back by selling advertising space on the tablet’s welcome screen. The price of a “prime” advert on the 7-inch slate? Just $600,000.

That money will buy you two months worth of space with your advert displayed each and every time a Kindle Fire user powers up their tablet. However, it won’t include the “sponsored screensaver” that appears every time the device shuts down.

$600,000 actually doesn’t sound too bad when you consider the millions of Kindle Fire devices there are out there. But how many users actually shut down their devices? The only time my tablet every “shuts down” is when I forget to charge it, which is probably no more than two to three times a month.

But Amazon does have some kinks to iron out before the “feature” rolls out. According to Phandroid, advertisers aren’t exactly convinced by the idea just yet, and Amazon still hasn’t decided how it will be implemented. The company could use this to fund that cheaper, ad-supported Kindle Fire we’ve been hearing all about, or it could upset its users by adding it to existing — once ad-free — Kindle Fire tablets.

How would you feel about seeing an advert every time you start up your Kindle Fire?

[via Phandroid]