The quick growth of GrubHub Seamless shows that there’s plenty interest in ordering your meals online, and now Amazon is pushing into that market as well. The e-commerce giant dipped its toe into restaurant delivery on Thursday, launching the new service in its hometown of Seattle.

Just like Seamless, GrubHub and a small handful of competing companies, Amazon’s new offering lets you order delivery or takeout from local restaurants online. The new service is available as part of Amazon Local, which helps customers find nearby discounts. The company’s biggest advantage, however, may be that you can pay with your Amazon account. That means you won’t need to re-enter your credit card info into yet another app to get started.

There’s no word on whether Amazon plans to expand its new takeout and delivery service beyond Seattle, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see the option pop up in other cities soon. Competing with Seamless or  Grubhub, which already has as a huge customer base, won’t be easy, but that’s never stopped Amazon before.