Kindle 3The Amazon tablet rumors just keep rolling in, but now we’re finally hearing a possible release date: Oct.

According to The Wall Street Journal, and the always reliable “people familiar with the matter,” at least one tablet and two new Kindle e-readers will appear in Oct. of this year on Amazon.  Whomever it was they spoke to, however, only mentioned one device with a 9-inch screen when it came to tablets which would line up with what we’ve heard about the device codenamed Hollywood, but nothing of its little brother known as Coyote.  Also mentioned was the fact that the device would run on Android, but that has been the assumption all along.  Interestingly, the source went out of their way to mention the tablet had no camera, which is a bit of an oddity in this day and age.

In other news, apparently two new versions of the Kindle will be coming along for the ride leading up to the all important winter holiday shopping season.  It seems one will have a touchscreen interface, but will retain the current e-ink technology that the brand has been using up until now.  The second version will not have a touch interface, and there was no mention of what its size or design changes might be.

The potential launch of at least one tablet by the company in Oct. lines up with the orders that the company is rumored to be taking delivery on in the next few months.  We had been hearing that the tablets may launch in Aug. or Sept., but that could not just be when they are announced with shipments beginning Oct.  It is a tad puzzling that there was no mention of the smaller Coyote, so it could either have been dropped or the anonymous source simply hasn’t seen it.  It’s difficult to tell in situations such as this.

You can add this to the ever growing pile of rumors, but all of this is making sense, and so now it’s just time to see if Amazon actually delivers on any of it.

Are you interested in an Amazon tablet or a new version of the Kindle?

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