The way things are going, SimCity's struggles will last indefinitely as its launch further edges into a nebulous swamp. Following a catastrophic first few days marred by server issues and stripped features, outlets are now refusing to sell the title outright until things are fixed. Case in point: Amazon has temporarily stopped selling digital copies of SimCity until things are smoothed out.

The game is currently listed as Unavailable, with no indication of when or if it'll come back. Chances are it's only a matter of time, but the lack of availability could lead to a lot of missed sales. And that's an enormous shame for a game that showed so much promise—reviews have been bright thus far. But people can't even play the game right now, a game people bought and own.

EA says it's working on getting things back up, but an exact timeframe is still unknown. In the meantime, the company said players won't get banned on Origin for requesting SimCity refunds, if that's what you plan to do. Looks like you'll have to shelf those city permits until servers are back up and running.