According to a report from Bloomberg Business, Amazon is looking to create its own live TV service. Yes, similar to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, which have been among the first to truly cater to the cord cutting fantasy. Granted, neither are the a la carte options we’ve been dreaming of, but they make breaking up with your cable provider that much easier.

Amazon has apparently met with CBS and NBCUniversal to discuss the service, though talks are preliminary at this point. Would it just be another bundling service separate from cable companies? Or will Amazon take it one step further by letting customers choose what channels they subscribe to on a monthly basis? Chances are the service will be more of the former, which brings up another question: how will it tie in with Prime?

As of now, Amazon Prime offers a nice mix of TV shows, movies and original content as part of an annual $100 membership. If Amazon can somehow bundle in the cost for its rumored service with Prime, it would make what’s already one of the best deals in tech even better. And as a competitor to services such as Netflix and HBO Now, Amazon Prime would suddenly seem like the service to beat.

The cord-cutting war still hasn’t been won by any single service, which means the opportunity is there. Apple is also rumored to be working on its own live TV service, though talks have apparently stalled; it doesn’t appear Amazon is any closer to securing deals with the major media companies.

Bloomberg Business notes that Amazon could simply be looking at the economics of such a service, with no plans to offer an actual product. But with Kindle devices as cheap as $50, it seems like Amazon is very serious about pushing Prime to new users, and what better way to interest folks than with a new live TV service?