Amazon typically offers free shipping on orders over $35 for non-Prime members, or free two-day shipping for folks who subscribe to its $99/year Amazon Prime service. That works really well, but it's not fantastic for folks who are trying to buy smaller items and end up paying the same price just to ship the product.

Amazon's changing that. According to Bloomberg, the company is now shipping smaller items that weigh less than 8 ounces for free, whether you're an Amazon Prime member or not.

You won't get it as quickly as a Prime member would — the news outlet said you can expect it in 4-8 business days — but at least you're not paying out of your own pocket. It's particularly compelling for customers who might want to order a pack of batteries, for example, but don't want to end up paying an additional $5 or so just to get them shipped.

"Customers love that even if it's a $5 item, shipping is free for everybody, Prime member or not," Amazon senior manager Neil Ackerman told Bloomberg. "Customers love it and sellers love it." Bloomberg didn't note whether or not there's a cap on the price of an item — but did say that the smaller products that weight 8 ounces or less typically cost under $10.