Amazon has spilled its "all-new" Echo Dot speaker on Twitter ahead of its official unveiling. The new Alexa-enabled device is considerably cheaper than its predecessor, which launched back in March and has been sold out since July.

We've been waiting for Amazon to unveil a new Echo Dot since the last model disappeared from The new model isn't quite official yet, but thanks to a premature tweet from Amazon, we already know a little bit about it.

The new model, which brings Alexa "to any room," Amazon spouts, is priced at just $49.99. That makes it substantially cheaper than the original Echo Dot, which was priced at $89.99 when it first went on sale.

The link contained in Amazon's tweet still points to the original Echo Dot page, which shows the device as sold out. We're not quite sure when the new model will be available, but it looks like it's very close to making its debut now.