Amazon is set to announced its fourth quarter earnings tomorrow, and at least one analyst is betting that the ecommerce giant sold at least six million of its Kindle Fire tablets.

Forbes is reporting that Stifel Nicolas analyst Jordan Rohan has issued a very upbeat note to investors about how Amazon performed in the fourth quarter, as well as how he thinks they will do in the coming year.  In particular, he is crediting the Kindle Fire with being one of the keys to Amazons success.  “Amazon’s device proliferation strategy has broader implications than most appreciate,” Rohan said in his research note. “Tablets including iPad and Kindle Fire are rapidly taking share from PCs and notebooks. Kindle Fire has staked out an important market position due to its loyal Amazon customer base and attractive (low) device pricing. We believe the lower hardware price will correlate with high e-book and video content attach rates.”  He went on to add, “We believe that software attach rates correlate inversely with the hardware price. From Amazon’s perspective, this could drive real upside in its North American media segment revenues. From a cost perspective, the shift to digital delivery of content could help Amazon avoid costly free shipping subsidies. Hence, we believe there is a great deal more to the Kindle device strategy than most have discounted.”

Nicolas isn’t the first analyst to tout the success of the Kindle Fire.  Back in November Citi analyst Mark Mahaney was predicting that Amazon will sell 12 million Kindle Fires in 2012, but if that six million number proves to be even remotely true,  then those numbers will have to more than likely be adjusted.

Unfortunately Amazon is not known for giving specific unit sales numbers on the Kindle line of products, so it seems unlikely we’ll know exactly how close to the mark Nicolas was.

How do you think the Kindle Fire is performing sales wise?

[via Forbes]

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