Amazon and you're doneIn collaboration with component suppliers in Asia, Amazon is said to be testing a smartphone with a screen that measures between four and five inches. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing the ever-elusive unnamed sources, the device will reportedly hit mass production by the end of this year or in early 2013; the report echoes a similar claim by Bloomberg from last week.

No other tidbits of information were revealed by the WSJ, except to briefly explain that “a smartphone from Amazon would spur more competition in the already crowded market.” Unless it has the specs to match a Galaxy S III, or consistent Android upgrade schedule of the Galaxy Nexus, an Amazon smartphone will certainly have to bring a lot to compete.

With so many high-end handsets on the market, Amazon’s upcoming smartphone, if it does exist, better not arrive with a forked version of Gingerbread and expect to shine, especially since Jelly Bean is rolling out to consumers. We don’t know much about the handset at this point, but with rumors about its existence heating up, hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

[via WSJ]