Amazon is gearing up to announce its very first smartphone tomorrow, June 18. So far we've heard a few tidbits about the device, like how it will reportedly offer a 3D display and support for gesture-based controls. However, we've been in the dark in regards to how consumers will be able to buy it, and who will provide the data. On Tuesday The Wall Street Journal shed some light on the situation.

The news outlet said that AT&T will be Amazon's exclusive partner for its smartphone — similar to how it once was the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone when it first launched. It did not discuss any of the rumored "Prime" plans for how Amazon might structure data pricing for its new smartphone. There have been rumors that it will come attached with more affordable data plans, but that seems like a rather unlikely move, especially considering the revenue carriers generate from data packages.

We've argued that other features, like MayDay, could potentially make this a stand-out device in a crowded smartphone market. Amazon will certainly need to show how its device can attract consumers from popular device makers like Apple and Samsung, and a 3D display probably isn't going to be enough. We'll see what kind of tricks it has up its sleeves tomorrow — but it looks like AT&T is definitely on board in some fashion.