Amazon smartphone mockup

Amazon's rumored entry into the smartphone market is further becoming a reality. After numerous reports of special 3D sensors and some sort of Prime Data plan, a mockup of what the device might look like has popped up. And, on first glance, the device doesn't look half bad, sporting a rounded plastic band flanked by two flat pieces of glass. The top edges are also chamfered, a la iPhone, and it looks terrifically thin, with a simple home button on the bottom and the volume and sleep/wake buttons on the left, along with the SIM tray.

To be honest, it looks about as close to the iPhone as you can get—and that's ok!—though the home button is more of an oval shape, while the camera is on the right side in the back, with what looks like a single LED flash. This definitely looks a lot better than the shots we saw of the device earlier, which masked the design inside of an ugly case. The image above is being reported as an internal mockup being circulated behind the scenes at Amazon, so this is allegedly the real deal.

As for specs, the Amazon smartphone will reportedly feature a 4.7-inch 720p 3D display, quad-core Snapdragon chip, 2GB of RAM, six individual camera modules for gesture controls and, as expected, a heavily forked version of Android, which will connect directly to Amazon's own app store. The specs seems to be a mix of next and current generation, likely to keep the price competitive—the price, however, is still a mystery.

While design will be a huge point of interest, the interface could be the real star. Along with some unique 3D effects, the device is rumored to use multiple sensors to allow for some unique gesture-based controls in order to navigate the OS. Meanwhile, the Prime Data, said to be offered through AT&T as an exclusive, will offer users a pre-determined amount of Prime video and music at no extra charge.

Amazon's smartphone still isn't expected to launch until Q3, so we're still many months away from getting our hands on a working unit. However, Amazon could announce the device in a matter of weeks, according to reports, so we could get an official glimpse relatively soon.