Will Amazon enter the smartphone market? We've been hearing that there's a definite interest for more then a year now, but the company has yet to confirm it will add a phone to its family of tablets. Now the device might be delayed.

The first reports suggested that Amazon was going to launch a mobile phone in 2012, and then more recent estimates suggested the phone was due out sometime during the middle of this yearDigiTimes said the company recently ran into trouble with Foxconn subsidiary Ensky Tech, however, the manufacturer that was allegedly tapped to build the phone.

The news outlet said Amazon's smartphone is still in engineering verification tests because of "issues related to its mobile platform." That suggests there's a software problem with Android instead of a hardware or manufacturing problem, but we don't see why that would hold up a factory, so it's more likely there's a manufacturing delay of sorts. DigiTimes said that mass production will not start in June as originally planned, although noted that the report is still a rumor at this point.