seems extra obsessed with besting iTunes lately. In March, it debuted a music locker service that’s strictly cloud-based — a feature that many iOS users would like to see the Apple program take on — and now it’s slashing its already lower than iTunes-pricing by another 20 cents (from $0.89) for many popular songs. This, after Apple actually raised its $0.99 prices for many titles last year.


For example, if this week’s Glee turned you on to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” you can download the original from Amazon for $0.69. On iTunes, it will cost you $1.29.

Amazon has been playing second fiddle to iTunes for years (with 10 percent market share for digital music downloads vs. Apple’s 70 percent over the past two years). So you can bet that somewhere deep inside the Seattle-based e-retailer’s headquarters, there are execs with fingers and toes crossed that this will finally make a dent in the competition.

Where do you get your MP3s? Is it from one of these competitors, another service (like eMusic or GoMusicNow) or do you — ahem — have them “gifted” to you?

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