Amazon and you're done

Amazon managed to sell 26.5 million items from its online store over the holiday season—that’s a rate of 306 items per second. Any guesses as to what the company’s number one selling item was? The Kindle Fire HD, of course. Amazon said both the 7-inch model and the 8.9-inch model were big hits, as far as electronics were concerned.

On Christmas Day alone, Amazon delivered over 23 million forms of digital content, the company said in a statement, which is an absolutely astounding figure. Add that to the title of being the number one in customer satisfaction during the holidays—again—and I’d say Amazon had a productive last few months.

While Amazon—as per usual—didn’t share precise Kindle numbers, the interest and demand, coupled with the company’s enormous content store, highlights what a smart move it was to move into the mobile market. The company shared other interesting Kindle and Amazon digital facts, including the most gifted book (“The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don’t,), and how much its Appstore grew from just a year ago.