This is another one of those rumors that just won't die, like Apple's iTV, or Bigfoot. Re/code on Friday said Amazon's mysterious set-top box could make its debut as early as March, possibly setting it up to go against Apple's own Apple TV reboot, which is also rumored to be unveiled next month. An Amazon set-top box is an ancient rumor passed down for months now, but it appears the online giant is finally ready to break its silence. Could this be Amazon's project that's "bigger than Kindle?"

A set-top box absolutely makes sense for Amazon, especially since the company relies so heavily on its ecosystem of content. Prime members would gobble this up, and it would be a good way to convince others to jump into the Prime bandwagon. Rumors have suggested the box would merely be a portal to Amazon's library of movies and TV shows, but less believable rumors suggest the online retailer is planning an actual online TV service, though Amazon has vehemently denied such a thing is coming.

Like Amazon's Kindle family, the set-top box would sport a forked Android OS, though it's unclear what the layout would be like—there are also suggestions it would act as a gaming hub. Chances are good it would look pretty similar to what's found on something like the Kindle Fire HDX, but that's merely a guess on my part. One would assume that the new hardware would be offered at a competitive price, with hopes to recoup costs through content sales. The model has worked for tablets, so why not for a media player, too?

Amazon's set-top box rumor is so worn out by now that it's almost like a punchline to a joke. But hey, March is right around the corner, so we'll see if the company actually has something up its sleeve pretty soon.