Several reports have suggested that Amazon either has some sort of streaming media device coming down the pipeline, whether it's a set-top box, a streaming dongle similar to the Chromecast, or both. The original plan was for Amazon to get the gadget on the market by the holiday season, though apparently it is facing delays.

The Verge said it learned of the delay recently and that Amazon might not be able to get the set-top box out before the holiday season, which means Apple, Google, Roku and others have one less competitor to worry about. Apparently the device runs a version of Android, very likely loaded up with Amazon television, movie and music content, but Amazon apparently has plans to allow users to download additional applications.

It's unclear why the box is being delayed, and we don't yet have an idea of what it will cost if and when it does launch. Amazon could do well to add some sort of tie-in with its tablets, however, in addition to possible sync with its rumored smartphones.