Amazon won't just rely on tablets and (possibly) smartphones to stay competitive during these last few months of 2013. According to CNBC, the online behemoth is readying a set-top box that should be available during the holiday season; the company has apparently given app developers a mid-October deadline, suggesting an announcement could occur near the end of this month, early November.

Earlier this year, sources speaking with Bloomberg claimed Amazon was prepping a living room device that would hook directly into the company's warehouse of Instant and on-demand video. Given how strong Amazon has become outside of merely offering goods, it would make sense for the retailer to have a deeper presence into consumers lives. The company's crafted experience inside its Kindles, which are a direct line to video, music and books, would translate perfectly to an actual set-top box.

There's no word on what other functionality Amazon's mysterious streaming box will possess other than acting as an umbilical cord for content. If app developers are getting a mid-October deadline, we can probably expect Netflix, Hulu Plus and others to be onboard. Will there also be AirPlay-like abilities attached? And how much will the device cost? Since this is Amazon we're talking about, it'll probably be fairly cheap, and tie in directly with its Prime membership program, which is currently $79 per year.

As soon as more details popup we'll be sure to follow up. In addition to excellent tablets and e-readers, it sure sounds like Amazon is ready to expand its lineup even further; pretty soon the company might offer smartphones and a set-top box, too. With competitors such as Roku, Apple TV and others already much more established, would an Amazon-made device for your living room be something you'd consider? Hopefully we'll find out more information soon.