Kindle Touch ContentsJust in time for the holidays, Amazon saw fit to release a new press release boasting some impressive figures regarding its Kindle lineup. According to the company, “customers are purchasing well over 1 million Kindle devices per week.” Yes, that includes the Kindle Fire, which the company says remains its bestselling, most gifted product in Amazon’s ever expanding catalog.

Kindle Fire is the most successful product we’ve ever launched – it’s the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks, we’ve already sold millions of units, and we’re building millions more to meet the high demand. In fact, demand is accelerating – Kindle Fire sales increased week over week for each of the past three weeks.

These numbers are sure to attract interest from people currently on the fence. There are only a few weeks left before the year closes, and competition from the likes of Apple and Barnes & Noble is definitely giving consumers food for thought when purchasing their next product. Too bad the the Transformer Prime still isn’t out, otherwise it’d be even harder to decide. Of course, for those who need a simple e-book, you can’t go wrong with a Kindle. When it comes to tablets, however, it really comes down to preference.

Have you purchased a Kindle/Kindle Touch/Kindle fire this holiday season?


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